Jo Thomson is an experimental photo artist, working with both analogue and digital mediums.  


Jo's natural curiosity to record and document the world led her to major in photographic studies at the London College of Arts (UK), followed by a 20 year career in the creative commercial world. In 2020, during pandemic restrictions, Jo embarked on a journey to rediscover her love of analogue photography and the magic of darkroom processes. After a period of experimentation she discovered that by removing the camera completely and using a direct contact method between the organic subject and the photographic material, objects could be recorded at their true scale and form. The result is an ongoing exploration of camera-less techniques, inspired by nature & organic forms, and featuring foraged botanicals & organic materials.

Holding ferns up to the light

Explore the Creative Journey Behind Jo's work.

Explore the Creative Journey Behind Jo's work.

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'the direct contact between the organic object and the print media eliminates any human interpretation and very simply records in 2D the true scale, shape and form of the organic mater. The darkroom created photograms focus on detail and form and the sun exposed cyanotypes produce a softer approach, with more translucency in the resulting print.' Jo Thomson