Florigin is the online print gallery of photoartist, Jo Thomson.


Jo's artistic interest has always been in unearthing beauty in the mundane, in elevating everyday objects or scenes and encouraging the viewer to experience a different perspective on something they may just pass by, or otherwise ignore.


Jo's work uses a process called the ‘photogram’, a technique that was developed in the very early days of photography. The print, sometimes referred to as a ‘direct contact’ print, is created by placing objects directly onto photographic materials, making an exposure and then developing the materials. A slow, labour intensive process that reveals the beauty of the object in true life scale. The result is an original, hand made print. As this process doesn’t involve either a camera or a negative each print is a unique reproduction of the object, with no two art prints produced the same.


Jo uses the contact print method to create both traditional photographic black and white prints, and her Prussian blue cyanotype prints. Her collections are inspired by botanicals & organic materials, foraged on her rural property in Ontario. The brand name Florigin, is a play on the words 'Flora' and 'Original'.


Watch Jo's artist video and learn more about her here. 

Featured in the Summer Edition of In the Hills magazine 


The online collections are updated when a new print is available for purchase. 

Bespoke commissioned work is welcomed.